Kane & Abel

featuring Mia X Skandolous Steph

Verse 1 (Skandalous)

Motherfuckers they want to test me

Pull out the blunt nigga I'll wreck your shit

I'm out that window with my 44 another fucking hit

Don't know who to trust with my shit

I'm in this click you in my hood you better know who you fucking with

Who you stepping with Skandalous fucking dangerous

Bitches brains I bust feel the lust in God we trust

Nigga I'm at your door, don't pray to God cause you done lost your grace

Been in this game for too long you bout to lose your face

I got the mind of a psycho ass ??

As I take another hit on this shit nigga you dead

Never ask forgiveness told the Lord to give me grace

You talked some shit front your boys and as result you lost your face

Blood all over the place I'm counting the fucking bodies dropping

I know my destiny cause I can hear the devil knocking

I done sent body and soul to my eternal flames you best believe

I numb them bodies and play my fucking game

I sold my soul at an early age

And now my hearts releasing daemons in a rage

My eyes in a daze

Evertime I close my eyes to go to sleep I see the visions coming

Is juices running when ya done in

Fear only make me curious, I'll never be afraid

But if you slip you pay your life here come the light now nigga they


Crack scarfs for my fucking glory

Talking shit up in my territory

Another day another world's sad story

Verse 2 (Steph)

Smoking blunt, smoke a nigga selling dope on the block

Pop pop goes the glock I bring more nightmare than Hitchcock

Get ?? when them bodies fall hitting them prisoners hard

Its your final call bitch I'll smoke you like menthol

Fuck all you bitches I'm putting you in them bodybags

Tagging toes, nigga drive slow

Creeping up out they indo scheming for they cheese

Slanging oz's and quarter keys niggas dressed in army fatigues

Freeze your whole coalition

Strapped with ammunition

Infrareds digging ditches for chicken heads

This figure from head to toe

Labeled as a Jane Doe, leaving bullets in your Lexus door

But fuck it I'm through with the fairytales

Cause when some shit jump off, all you murder on tape bitches gone bail

Who gone prevail when I exhale on you small scale

Lyrical laggers, want to be chrome packers

Spit the facts I'm bout the Lex and the Ac

My verbal combat will eliminate your whole habitat

You hoes ain't fucking with that

Or this, cause I piss on competition

And have all you hoes in submission

Trying to recondition your stilo

Lyrical nino

I sling rhymes like kilos

\u003eFrom here to Puerto Rico

One other sequel from the infamous unseen

Scheming for the green smoking bitches and niggas like nicotine

Verse 3 (Mia X)

Cause she up to schemes

Tired of chasing apple pie dreams

Mint greens is all I fien for straight shit is all this bitch know

50's this nine millimeter berreta leaving you wetter than April showers

Followe by your second line of flowers

I devour competition, causing complete submissions

Cooks more dope in my kitchen

Tricking ass niggas be my victims when night falls

Ya'll wants to floss but get set-up tied down and tossed

Boss chick you don't want to see her

Your bitch can either run for the heater or meet the dumb hoe beaters

Mia's right and left well known with the clout

To wire your mouth, knock your grill out

That's what this here be bout

So you can doubt what I'm saying and run that lip

Or get your whole click engulfed in gangsta shit

Too much to deal with

I'm still a bitch that' be's designer down stay scheming on the man

And taking flights, torsoe taped full of contrabands

My flow so grand it make the beats say damn

Shit jumps back makes you want to holler

But I sees nothing but dollars

Feminist power

My lyrics knocking like a KL beat

It be that she-devil that below sea level bitch you can't see her

Niggas and broads be trying to figure at 5'4

How they still need a ladder to face this hoe

For sure, cause I be living for the drama

The biggest mama flexing shutting down this motherfucking basement sesion

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