Somos tú y yo

Letra de la canción

Although you know
Not long ago
I feel that you have
Something to say

No. I love you scare
But I am afraid
From that little by little
Go to enamorarme

The way you live
I am so than ever
But despertaste an illusion
What grows in my
They find my identity
From away my loneliness
They deliver everything and more
What I want to ask

Not that I feel
But you do not rush
It is much you spend
And I prefer to listen laugh

Not me has called more
But do not blame
Maybe it is fear
A fall in love

From my way of wanting
And do not be afraid to see more
That life has just
Things Beautiful for You
Show me that you are real
I do not want to hurt
Tiemblo when I think
That you can be equal
At other

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Somos tú y yo
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