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Let me be your casualty
i loathe this world so set me free
this is not the place i want to be
let me be your casualty
your unbalanced brain can have it's way
to do all the horrid things i say
i need to perish. can't you see?
let me be your casualty
Pound my flesh till it's sickening blue
ignore my screams and do what you do
i cower and whimper from your lethal assault
my wounds stand wide open. where is the salt?
fucked in the arse till i bleed blue guts
scalding my eyes with cigarette butts
my genitals bleeding you moan with desire
plugging my ears with coat-hanger wire
Sickened with madness, wielding your blade
fucking the holes that your weapon has made
blood boils forth from my panicked remains
removing my scalp, extracting my brain
Berserking with your cleaver you beat me to the ground
slabs of meat discarded, bloodshed all around
my body reduced to a puddle of red
you finger my larynx where once sat my head
where is my saviour? where is the light?
i'm drowning in darkness surrounded by night
left all alone and filled with despair
because of the life that i just could not bare


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