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Angelo Branduardi


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Through the misty realm of morning
Came the cry of the raven's warning
Come away there is evil around you
There is canker curse and fire
It will take out your eyes for its master
It will cut you and give him your heart sir
Now too late it is close it has found you
Beware the venomous iron

Be still I do not fear death
I now welcome the journey
But friend fly to my patron
And pluck his eyes in revenge
Go tell him that my last breath
I spent singing an old song
His heart will burn with my heart
In the fires of hell before long

For the crab will come out of the ocean
To be near to his mouth for the time
He can steal his soul on his dying breath
And hide it away for eternity

Oh greater the lord more the fool
Always the same essential flaw
While his lackeys are picking my bones clean
People dance on to my songs at his back door

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