Smile Empty Soul


Stand there with your ball and chain
Bitch about what you've created
All caught up in the masquerade
You've already been paid and made it
So don't pretend to know what it's like
To feel the things that we must live through
You only see with your dying eyes
There's only one thing I will ask of you

Can you take this life
Can you make it right
Do you have the words to say to make it
All go away
You act so wise
And so refined
You can keep your lies 'cause I'm
Never gonna go your way

Promises of a better life
But what's wrong with the one I'm leading
Everyone has a different fight
A different wound that keeps them bleeding
So what's wrong with a little fun
Everybody needs to find their something
Is this how your gonna treat your son
Fuck 'em up and give em nothing


Everybody needs to find their own way through life
Everybody needs to find their own way