Chely Wright

Letra de la canción

Lyin' on my back in a cornfield back in Kansas
I think I might' a had my first original thought
Just me and miles of sky
And occasional crow flyin' by
I believe I saw the light Hank Williams saw

Oh the sky is blue 'cause it misses the stars
And my heart understands
To tell you the truth
I've seen 'bout all the blue that I can stand
Your woman misses her man
Your woman misses her man

Way up there there's an airplane full of people
Way down here I wish I was way up there too
Baby I needed to get away
But I need my baby today
I can't help it if I'm still in love with you


Tonight the sky will hold the stars
And I'll hold you here in my heart
Until I'm back there in your arms again


Your woman misses her man

Chely Wright
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