Wilder Wein english lyrics

Oliver Riedel

Letra de la canción

Wild wine - before your castle
Wild wine - i am ready
Arrival is announced - only for the king
God, stand by me - and open your gates
Wild wine - and totally slow
Wild wine - so warm and moist

Wild wine - before your lap
Wild wine - it has been written
Deep in the water - you don't cross
But my desire - laughs at the wings
Wild wine - like a dove
Wild wine - so wet and hot

Wild wine - before this darkness
Wild wine - healed by the light
It stays hidden - otherwise we could defend ourselves
I wait for you - at the end of the night
Wild wine - only a grape
Wild wine - and bitter like snow

I wait for you - at the end of the night
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø) (#50)

Oliver Riedel
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