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Sometimes you grasp at night,
And the doubts leave the light,
And the other day or not we can get up in the morning,
All day in bed without understanding why.
You surround many thoughts;
Ted are well inside your chest;
Raisins hours and weeks llorandole your pillow
While thinking.
I call her mother and her father were not talked since Tuesday,
Conto and that the heart can sometimes
And others do not, and I short by half before they can respond.
Sometimes, sometimes life you sad,
Are things that happen and disappear,
And at night when you go to bed
The dream and the other day are not more.
Sometimes you grasp at night and leave doubts the light,
Hacele front of your pain,
Not daunt you leave like that started this song.
To kill the morning
At the time inwhichit others will laburar;
And before pressing the revolver wrote his will
Is this you their story last composition.
Sometimes you grasp at night and makes cold
Tenes and scared of your shadow and noise and
You know that your head is not
Thinking about what a day is lost and does not return more.
And the other day wing tomorrow
Entered a neighbour scared
Police revisit and found him in a pocket
Was a ticket to the lottery.
It won the same day (boludo)
At the time that others are going to laburar;
Sometimes you win you the pain and breaks the heart
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: gustavo_sobrevive (#23.005)

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