Galactic Cowboys

Letra de la canción

the world is a party
we feel the music in the body
vibrations and sensations
we don't about this

in our minds we have the steps
we have pace, we feel the pace
move the body, move the body
don't stop dancing

the music dominate us
we dance all the time
everybody dance to the pace of the music
in the disco
we dance
in the street
we dance
with the friends
we dance
don't stop dancing

everybody join our dance
dance matter slow or fast
just move the body with pace
the people the kids enjoy with us
we can play dancing or jumping
we like to dance in this place
feel the body feel the body
for this reason, don't stop dancing


it don't matter to us
we can dance slow
which ever what the beat
drops or bodies will go
so swing in over here mr. DJ
we dance we dance don't stop (x2)

the people are crazy
and all is changing
but we like it and
it's happening ahhh!!
the people scream
we have that to dance
is a new world
become to enjoy

(chorus x2)

Letra añadida por: sovafile

Galactic Cowboys
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