Automatic Loveletter

Letra de la canción

Photograph each day so we can live forever,.
Sit in the light to make the dark a little darker
and I dance to move only you and I fight to kiss and make up.
I scream for some silence.
I laugh to laugh for once,
not there so you notice
I'm gone and I breathe cuz its neccessary
and I sigh when I see the moon.
I dream to make sleep less boring..
until there was you a
nd I feel in the absence of heart
and I plug my eyes to cry.
I'm a hopeless romantic and kicking the habit
but all hearts have darts.

Sweet red cherry blossom tree
that lives in both you and me.
You marked your name but I can see, its not on me.
So I've shamelessly gone and made myself come undone.
Heavy hangs my head when I'm Unhearted.

2nd V
I wear this angels crown to cover up my devils frown
and upon my broken chest lay a struggle
between loneliness and things that are out of place
like my head in outer space
and the carpet you walked on the ceiling
that cries please don't walk away "chorus"

Bellow it out with all the breath in my lungs.
Apologize for all that I've done.
You did a number on me and a fantastic job.
In the scheme of all things we never felt.
When your hearts been breached
and your guards been let down;
You've rotten and spoiled me into the ground
and a good mess forgives all the rest we allow

"chorus" x2 Sweet red cherry blossom tree that lives in both you and me
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: yali_33

Automatic Loveletter
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