The Pedestrian Letra y Canción

Foxboro Hot Tubs

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THE PEDESTRIAN es una canción de Foxboro Hot Tubs del año 2008, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Stop, Drop and Roll!!!.


'The Pedestrian'

I don't need a reason to be a misfit
Whatever the reason, how far I go
When it's my time then I will let you know

It don't take a genius to be an idiot
It don't take a jesus to save my soul
Well it's my time and it's my time to go

Pedestrian is what I am
and I'm an understated samaritan

Where I go, I go alone
As long as I am taking my time

I don't know the answer to be specific
I listened to reason, the reason is true
I did my time, well, now it's time to go