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[[[Verse 1]]]
No I'm not finding too but I'm going to throw,
I'm dealing ke Jart of the poor like animals
No butaka in of schools, or whey in hospitals
Which is why the increase in illegal trips.

As will be cualto pa pay teachers,
If invested many millions of dollars a meter,
Kieren ke lie would not improve the situation,
You do not see ma ke ke a win rejidor the doctors too.

Kieren ke your partners help steal
Voting in the Central Electoral Board,
That child and its mother god damn ke forgive me,
Ps for billing the 100 meters air in my lungs.

Random me kieren ke takes to the air breather,
The bullets are so expensive I can not ke me a shot,
They kieren my vote as a vampire's blood,
And that inspired me ke, pa ke write too look.

Miguel Vargas Maldonado malbella involved in the case,
Leonel and his bottle, duander unhappy star
Ke Kisiera duarte were alive, Sancho and Nick,
Pa ke see the absurdity of the beautiful vistey.

((((Ke ke one you think sucks?? Look
Ke ta the poor are not the devil taking over too))))

On 16 May. I Vua lifting,
On 16 May. The Devil and ke will vote
On 16 May. A more days pa hesitates,
On 16 May. No one will fool ... (x2)

[[[Verse 2]]]
Crime increases can not be another inmate in victory
Boggs Aki bunny starving for lack of carrot
So whatever weight panels five and banana ke is that??
Neither are eating mice keso.

Buy a juice carton, in the field ke no lemon
And the tubs and grapefruits are in danger of extinscion,
For a wave of promises ke drown my heart
But other weight pa sakarme to charge coal.

Kieren No to corruption, No to drug addiction,
And no ke prepared teachers give us education,
The police have no weapons face the tigueraje ke,
And the busker pa pa beard Suvi enrankan the passage.

The street is filled with water, is ke bad are the drain!!
And over my dead body and kieren makes another toll
In the war of the rich always ke is the poor die,
Aristicalto is "friendly" ke ke me than on him.

A steal me ke ke leonel paid and the devil copper
Pork vote as the antra is put in an envelope
Mark an "X" in the face of your candidate
And choose your corrupt crook, thief or junkie.

Ke is as bad cat so full of guile,
And na ma Pizan your neighborhood in the days of campaign
But you're young vote ke ke entitles you steal,
Make the rikos millionaires while the poor get screwed.

(((Sakama Sakama is that of the station
ke this guy is crazy)))

If I am mad I am a pariguayo,
But I slept kedar Vua this May 16.
If I am mad the most pariguayo,
But I slept kedar Vua this May 16.

(((You know you are pa donate millions to the Treasury and you
Squats with millions of facts you do not see ke)))

On 16 May. I Vua lifting,
On 16 May. The Devil and ke will vote
On 16 May. A more days pa hesitates,
On 16 May. No one will fool ... (x2)

Ke The devil is going to vote for you, the devil is kien not taking us
Kien And the devil is going to vote for you, I'm not going to Pork CHOOSE myself to the thief
Ke I will steal every 4 years you are aborita ke ME, kieren We continue
Changing Tomb NIPOOO gold mirror that eeeee! ke we're not a fool
That does not say in the government of the morning or daytime Pork not say??
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Letra añadida por: yoster

El Poeta Callejero

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