Disquito - A la sombra de mi mama

A la sombra de mi mama
en inglés

Louis Enrique

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A LA SOMBRA DE MI MAMA es una canción de Louis Enrique.


A la sombra de mi mama (en inglés)

Everyone has a mother
None as Mia
That burns as lucecita
HAC company

The look inside my ranch
As it is very simple
And turn off their ojitos
As the radiance of a star

I ask God to pray
That is not my mother dies
To live within my ranch
As if you want estampita


If ever madrecita
Tu te vas me to heaven
Take me beloved mother
I am not sure that I love you

But his shadow reaches me
As bendición divina
It is the guardian angel
In my life pilgrim

Shadow of the tree planted
In the courtyard there is only an echo
Shoots faithful that translates
The desire of my prayers