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Bottom Feeders - Letra

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March of the animals
the indication of a time where the passion of man is lived through fiction
feed off of the bottom line
let entertainment be the last refuge for mass opinion
spouting the antidotes- another preacher of the right paints the world in
black and white terms.
Last time in the end zone
it's hard to care when the world outside has guns against your head

Castigate then sedate
convert problems into 'need's then download and erode
let circuits replace all emotion.

Bottom feeding
Dragging us across the desert of the real...

Led up to the trough to be fattened up
Human pigs so ripe for feasting
following the rules
unquestioned-the animal farm falling under siege...

Rigging the hooks on the virgin nation
the mediated paradise unfolds
the outcome a process of brain starvation
habituate the viewers into clones

Bottom Feeding
Dragging us across the desert of the real...