Dark Sanctuary

Letra de la canción

In darkness
I search your sound
To guide me
To enlighten
My horizon

This is the life
They gave me
I have to wander
In darkness

I sometimes need
Some other pleasures
Some small joies
Some reasons to live
Or to exist

But I stay alone
With my thoughts
My world
Stay closed

Listen to me
Hear me
This is my cry
Which is calling you

Take me
Lead me away
To these forbidden

Take my hand
Take my hand
Guide me
In this life

Take my soul
Take my soul
That's my dreams
Which are enlightening me

I've loved
So many ideas
That I had
To invent

Only the noise
Understood me
And showed me
My life

Behold my tears
Behold my tears
Which are flowing
Out of death

That's my heart
That's my heart
Which is waiting< for
The light

Letra añadida por: gabrielcandiavela (#10.916)

Dark Sanctuary
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