Yureru amoi
en inglés



Yureru amoi Letra

Utter empty words ...
but only attempt trasmitirte,
our simple feelings.

The hazy wind blew that day,
I leave blow in the ruins of yesterday.
Live smile at your side,
but still Aqul incident,
seems to make you suffered.

Poreso I say goodbye,
just colo we were the only thing that will remain.
They will and disagreements,
And at some point,
we realize it's all over
Your face shows a sadness
Of those who become tears in rivers.

That feeling shaky concertira in a swirl
And it desbanesera


Datos de esta canción

YURERU AMOI es una canción de Naruto. Agradecemos a me an olvidao buuu por haber sudido la letra de Yureru amoi (en inglés).