Canción 'Can You Jam' interpretada por Five

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CAN YOU JAM es una canción de Five.


'Can You Jam'

Can you jam with all the freaks tonight?
Can you jam? Just rock your body right,
Can you jam? 'cause I just got to know,
Can you jam? Can you jam?

Jam! {X2}
If you want to party, Here comes the funk,
Five's got da flava, So just give it up,
I can keep it coming, If you got time,
I can keep it swinging, But you gotta make up your mind!

If you're a freak, If you got the vibe, If you want to rock tonight!
Baby gotta check it the funk that I got now,
Make you want to drop when I hit the right spot now,
Put 'em all up, Throw your hands in the air,
You know you want to get down, So move it over there!
Level with whack drop phatness on a track,
So gotta move your body if you want to party,
Gotta get raw the rugged beats that we slam,
Baby, Baby, Baby, Now I know you can jam!

If I'm getting freaky, It's 'cause you look fine,
And baby if you want to, We can spend some time,
I can dig deeper, Down to the bone,
I can sing a sweet love, But girl I've got to know!

{Bridge and Chorus}
Ah, Rewind, Rewind, Got the funk for your mind,
Now there's no contest, Because we're one of a kind,
Keep kicking the fab flows 'cause we gotta, Try to make you hotter,
Make you move a lotta, Five! Live in your town,
You gots to boogie down, Let your legs snap,
Gotta move it all around, Make you move feets,
Gotta clear seats, You need beats, 'cause it's a night for the freaks,
When want to keep bringing flows that you feeling,
Make you want to jump up to the ceiling,
Kick back, You gotta let your head bump,
We'll take you on a ride with the rugged raw funk now.

Jam! {X2}
{Chorus Until Fade}