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California Sunshine - Letra


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When she came to wake me in that cold and empty room
I was dreaming of the California hills beneath the moon
And I said "I've lost my reason, that's the reason why I'm going"
Turn my back on promises I'd made and left her there
And I felt so free the moment I walked out into the air
'Cos I hate to break her heart but I ain't gonna break my own

Suddenly I know why things went wrong
Had to run to catch the plane I'm on
Looking back on sadness, looking forward to some fun
Gonna walk out in the California sun

Memories of old LA through all my days and nights
Though I said I'd spend some time with her, it never worked out right
'Cos I hate to tell her lies but then I can't lie to myself
Oh sunny California is the place I call my home
And California sunshine is the reason why I'm going
When I told her I was leaving there was nothing left to tell

Repeat chorus