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For All Mankind - Letra


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My childhood wasn't what you might call a success
I was born in northern England in a time of strife and stress
The war was over and somebody said we'd won
But I was too young to know all the damage that was done
Now looking back, there are things that I recall
I was frightened of the dark when I was small
They said it's over now at last
Think of the future not the past

And we will try, To build a new and better life
Out of darkness we'll bring light for all mankind
Yes we will strive, Now until the end of time
For the sake of you and I
And all mankind

Sometimes I think of all the prizes we have won
But we are no richer now than before when we had none
I look around and I see ashes everywhere
Yet the madness still goes on, Doesn't anybody care
Though, on reflection, there are words that I still hear
Could it be that someone somewhere is sincere
No matter what the price may be
We must believe in sanity