George Jones

Letra de la canción

She is sittin in the lonely saloon
Oh every night
Yeah every night
She is lookin' at the mirror in the bar
Will he come
Will he come
Anna-Lee, do you wonder who it's gonna be
Anna-Lee, how is it to be free
Anna-Lee, you really had them all

Now she's sittin' another new friend
Oh once again
Yeah once again
But for him it's only a game
What a shame
Chorus -

But in the morning when the magic is gone
She's all alone
She's pacin' up and down the floor
In her one-room-flat
She's lookin' from the window
But she don't see nothing at all
Ah but in the evening she paints
Her face for one more round
Chorus -

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#120)

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George Jones

George Jones

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