Gigliola Cinquetti

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It's that boy, it's that boy mayn
Yeah it's that boy, it's that boy mayn
Yeah it's that boy, it's that boy
It's that boy it's that boy, it's that boy

Gripping on the pine, slowly recline
No nine to your head, but I still blow your mind
Mouth full of glass, holding a stash
Brown on my side, looking swoll in the ass
Bitch show me the grass, you could show me the cash
Fifty lil' niggaz in the club, acting bad
Boys for the fo', all hustle for the do'
You see a yella, better tell her bust it on the flo'
Boys still twisting on the blunt, full of dro
All tatted up, and we don't stunt no mo'
Way too fly boy, way too fresh
If it's less than the best, then it's way too less
Redbone shaking, still popping in that dress
Playas getting chose, better stop it with that plex
I ain't popping off the tech, I'm making pockets stretch
Open up the do', hop into the Lex
Boys looking funny, with them rocks around they neck
They ain't even real, better get your collar checked
It's Rasaq mayn, I'm flyer than a plane
Pullet out my wallet, told em charge it to the game
Naw we don't want the fame, nigga we just want the change
Walk inside the mall, with my jeans on hang
If I'm in the toy, then the screens gon hang
Playing with my cream, then my team gon bang
Shades on my face, you can' tell if I'm deranged
Green in my brain, and it got me feeling strange
Homie it's the boy, you might know me by my name
Come in the lane, in the wide body frame yeah

Ay what it do, my nigga 50/50 Twin
My nigga Money Green, my nigga Waynehead
My nigga Big Roy, Jocky Johnnie Voo
You know I'm saying, Cool Rod
Lil' E, ay man I'm bout to fall in for another taper mayn
Say dog, be on the lookout for that Glad Bag Money
You know I'm saying, that's me and 50/50 Twin
You know I'm saying, it's going down Royal Green boy
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Hector (Hip Hop) (#305)

Gigliola Cinquetti
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