Behind That Locked Door del álbum 'All Things Must Pass'

Behind That Locked Door

George Harrison

La canción 'Behind That Locked Door' se estrenó el . Este tema está incluido dentro del disco All Things Must Pass

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Behind That Locked Door en español

Why are you still crying?
Your pain is now through
Please forget those teardrops
Let me take them for you
The love you are blessed with
This world's waiting for
So let out your heart please, please
From behind that locked door

It's time we start smiling
What else should we do?
With only this short time
I'm gonna be here with you
And the tales you have taught me
From the things that you saw
Makes me want out your heart, please, please
From behind that locked door

And if ever my love goes
If I'm rich or I'm poor
Come and let out my heart, please, please
From behind that locked door

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