You understand it
You know my secrets
Come on, Come on
An email burns my soul
We wanna cross the line
You cast a spell on me
Our passion's on-line.

"You come, get undressed
Your silence leads me on
You're trying to control my mind
Do you want to be my teacher?"

Don't stop!!

"You undress my body while I
Lick your secrets
We're killing our loveliness,
We need to feel alive"

Turn on your web cam
I feel you're hot
I see you are so hard
I need your passion now
You never stop!
Tonight, we were two lovers searching sex
Tonight, you'll be all for me I need you in me.

"My baby, touch my body.
Kiss my lips... you never stop!
I'm so hot, I can't control... F*** me!

Tomorrow, we will have to forget
That was OK, our contract's at an end
Last night didn't exist
Come on, Come on

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