Disco 'Open the Gates of Hell' (2003) al que pertenece la canción 'Beyond The Black Dawn'

Beyond The Black Dawn

Mystic Circle


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Angels of peridition are rising up
They come from the depths of the realm of death
With them legions of locusts
They herald the monarchy of hell

Beyond the black dawn - resurrection of evil
Beyond the black dawn - the firestorm breaks out
Beyond the black dawn - to destory the heavenly messengers
Beyond the black dawn - midget like demons bring perdition

The masters of disease swing their weapons

Gods of darkness are coming with the storm
In the symbol of the snake they ride
The antagonists of holy creation

Beyond the black dawn - they are the kings of hell
Beyond the black dawn - the will lie to seduce
Beyond the black dawn - dragons will rise
Beyond the black dawn - and rip their bodies apart

The black monster will rise
On a throne made of human bones
His horns are his crowd
Carried by the ghouls of the deep

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