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Book of Shadows

Mystic Circle


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It was written in blood
With hands that were possessed
He who traveled between the stars
Got they keys from the great old ones

It was bound in human flesh

At some unknown time

The key to hell's dimension
Lies within its demonic writings

It drives its owner into madness
Driven by the gluttony and the power
Because its verses have only one purpose
To conjure up the kingdom of shadows

Dark powers write the book of shadows
It is the legend of the book of death
Demonic rites described in the book of shadows
The key to the underworld the book of death

Hundreds of years it was lost
Hidden by the priests of light
But the order of the silver snake
Now holds it in their hands

The spells of priests are lifted
The path of the new world is near
Humans and demons become one
The book of shadows is the gate to hell

Written by the hands of Lucifer

Hidden by the priests of light

The servants of the silver snake
Hold the bigging in their hearts

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