Canción 'Ask Yourself A Question' del disco 'Kuruption!' interpretada por Dr. Dre

Ask Yourself A Question Letra y Canción

Dr. Dre

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ASK YOURSELF A QUESTION es una canción de Dr. Dre del año 1998, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Kuruption!.


'Ask Yourself A Question'

featuring Dr. Dre


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Here's a penny for your thoughts a nicklebag of bliss

An M 16 with eighteen clips

I'm all set to bust treacherous

Illustrious homie don't question us

Just ask yourself the question

How many hoes can I fuck in one night?

Just ask yourself the question nigga

How many niggaz can I blast on sight?

I'm ferocious and you knows this nigga

Bitches wear skirts, shake ass and bump

I pop pistols, that's all I do

I pop one at him and pop two at you

I'm illusive, I'ma glock it

Pistol popping activist with the key to the bucket

I rip your pockets of the side of your pants

You glare to the side and you glance, I'm in my (???)

How the fuck you make it this far?

No matter where you at, or who you are

People treat me like Kareem Abdul Jabbar

I hear ooh's and aah's when I jumps in my car

Just from last night you can tell

that I'm addicted to the fast life

Shouts out to my homeboys Mad and Quell

You go on and fuck Misty, while I fuck Michelle


Just ask yourself the question

How many hoes can I fuck in one night?

Just ask yourself the question

How many niggaz can I blast on sight?

Just ask yourself the question

Is it cool to ride, or is it cool to fuck?

Just ask yourself the question

I don't know why these motherfuckers want to fuck with us

What you want to do, penetrate me?

Bump my crib? Bust and fuck my bitch, nigga?

I never thought a nigga would trip

off a little piece of ass that he know he could get

Any day (any day) and any time (any time)

You'se a vegetarian (what?), I like beef, turkey and pork

Fish and chips, chips and dip

Fuck it, hand me my knife and my fork

I'm not too picky nigga, Kurupt young Gotti

A.K.A. Low Ricky nigga (what up momma?)

Substantialar, tyrannosaurus, gigantic titanic tarantula.

On a creep homie, wake up

Don't sleep homie, supposed to know it

Look, I'm hazardous to health, nigga, bitch, nigga

Don't ask me shit 'till you ask yourself

Chorus (Dre)


What the fuck is up? Man life's a bitch

You gotta put your pistol to the sky,

kill a million motherfuckers and get high in order to be cool

Man, you'se a motherfucking fool (speak to these niggaz)

I thought the same way, back in the days

Young, with a lack on daily things

Never thought too much, homie, never trip

I got drunk as fuck, the homies blaze sticks

Look out for them niggaz out to get you

So (???) forgetting to tank your pistol with you (your pistol nigga)

Niggaz get swallowed in the game

I cock and bust hollows to peer, duck and frame

Yo nigga, that shit sounds like I did it

Don't blaze the (???) without the (???)

Niggaz look like they're doped up like tired bitches

With the eyes wide gone you spit the hard boom

Wiping shit the fuck out like typhoons

With the little homeboys, T-bone and cartoons

Motherfucker don't ask me for shit

Fuck everything you believe in, little bitch



what, what?