Daring to be Different del álbum 'Everlife (2007)'

Daring to be Different


La canción 'Daring to be Different' se estrenó en 2007. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Everlife (2007)

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Daring to be Different en español

My first thought said
With no line, you'll
get lost this time
If you don't know where you're going
My second thought said
Its okay, okay to change
Its time you started growing

So there I stood without a clue
My head tried tell me what to do
My heart started playing tug-of-war
Like it's out of my hands

To be fearless when
I'm scared to move
I'm overdue
Daring to be different
To scream yes, yeah I'm awake
I will not break
Daring to, daring to be different

The whole world tells me
If I choose wrong
I won't belong
I better make the right decision
But what they do and
What they say
Are not the same
They're a spinning contradiction

It's just the old that they call new
Dizzy from all the points of view
Closing my eyes while breathing in
Look up, let go, no hands


Different, different


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