Mary J. Blige

'Steal Away' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco No More Drama.


Is just that ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto
Is just that ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto
We still ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto

I've been thinking lately baby
Maybe we should laying tonight
I've been pushing papers crazy
Music if is wrong I feel this right
Maybe we can make sweet love
Cause I know we feel so good
And more of two we escape this pressure
You know what? We should

Steal away, steal away
Before a day, the mouth say
Wishing the love, much more soon
One want to, share the moon
And we make love, all that day
Steal away

You know I really need you sugar
I want you to make me away
I can't wait to really bounce so
We can be together there's no doubts
That my love has no limits
So I will wipe away your fraud
How come your sexy secrets
Now I'll join you, for the rest of my life


For sure Momma steal away
Car keys to my mens Benz and Bil away
Spilling say, whatever you man like it or not
He ain't digging it right
So I'ma be pipe in line
Icey on hot mami hold on if you ain't
We put a flick on your hand
I'll front your navel
Whatever it comes able to make you happy
Whatever's the back for dot six in the navy
Blakes and the pillow fluffed up
And we shine like we Puff Dad
Blowing that dro till we fucked up
Is longs up, I just dolos honey
All his honey he wild like I stole his money
Is gold his honey Is my gold this money
He can have my wife, while me and you live a lavish life
Which be see exactly tipe, tongues and brass
I'm hoping to God to say no more

[Chorus: x2]

Is just that ghetto ghetto
Ghetto ghetto