Canción 'Goodbye' del disco 'Everlife' interpretada por Everlife

Goodbye Letra y Canción


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GOODBYE es una canción de Everlife del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Everlife.



I'm better off
Just pretending like I
never really knew you
I gotta stop
Holding hands with the memory I'm feeling

I gotta say
Something's different about the
way I see you lately
You feel the same (You feel the same)
I can see it in your eyes
our thing is changing

The blame won't fall
On either side

Can you feel it breaking
Into pieces underneath
Someone's gotta say it
It might as well be me
Goodbye, It wasn't right this time

I should've known
There was always something
that we were missing
I'm letting go of this
Even though it's hard I know
it's the best thing

Good intentions fall(Intentions fall)
And there's nowhere to hide (To hide)


I don't wanna tell you
what I have to say (What I have to say)
We don't have to be sorry
It just worked out this way
I don't want to, but I have to,
I don't want to