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Billy (Letra/Lyrics)

Billy was a friend of mine
We grew up together ever since we were nine
We went all the way trough the school
No one could really say wich one of us was the fool
In high school he played football
Me, I didn't do anything at all
He made touch-downs, while I played pool
And no one could really say which one of us was the fool

We left school then went to collage
He studied medicine, I studied foliage
He got A's and I got D's
He was going for his Ph.D.
Then he decided I decided to drop out
Things were getting just a little too hot
He said on the table he ain`t a intern then a doctor
Then war broke out and he had to go
But not me, I was mentally unfit, or so they say, so, so

When he came back, he wasn't quite the same at all
He wasn't the guy I knew, it was like I talking to a wall
Remember Billy, he was my best friend
We always said our friendship would never end

Billy was, a friend of mine
Grew up together ever since We were nine
We went together all the way through school
No one could really say which one of us was the fool

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