Golden Earrings

Letra de la canción

Remember that song called kill me
From vick timm's last lp
Too much of a risk for a golden disc
The price he paid for money
Ce soir, ce soir
Assassination d'un rock 'n roll star
Sing your song, you can't go wrong
Attempted his business adviser
No need for alarm, you'll come to no harm
He didn't mention the sniper
The news is read, the poison's spread
One yawn ah, two yawn ah, and back to bed
Turn off the light and hold me tight
Come on, maman, bend down your head
And just sing on, immortal song
Fini belle vie

Vick played the part, with all his heart
He was not prepared for the shock
When howling lead, bit into his head
A new martyr for the book of rock


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