Letra de la canción

I can say what's on my mind
Cause i want to
I can stop en take my time
That's o.k. too
I don't know if you can take it
So i don't never have to fake it
*chorus* :
You make me feel, like myself
You do that like no one else
You make me see, who i am
You do that like no one can
I can stay in my bed all day
Yeah, i know i could
I can dance the night away
Cause it feels so good
You don't have to please me
You might being me so easy
Now i am free
To give it all to you
I am free to love you like i do
Yeah, i realy hope i met you,
Yeah, i realy hope i met you to see me too
*chorus* 2x
<--._.-*°*-._ the end _.-*°*-._.-->


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