Letra de la canción

They read him like an open book
But the pages were blank
Before he took the first step
In a new direction
Empty head, imperfection

Second step still humble
Without eyes the hands fumble
Like his feet that wear no skin
A naked man, a man of sin

Three steps that hurt like hell
How did he get there
And where will he dwell

With bloody feet and an empty head
Wish he could say
What cannot be said

As the fourth step was taken
Ethics were shaken
And the end result
Sanity forsaken

No more fumble, no longer humble
A cut of precision – a part of his mission

The road is blurry
The mission is clear
The bag is heavy
His goal is near

With bloody feet and an empty head
Wish he could not say
What can’t not be said

Final step in the dance of the dead
Last cut, last, last, last head

Letra añadida por: Inferno666 (#30.675)

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