Two Wrongs

Wyclef Jean

Letra de la canción

I’m just sitting here playing the guitar,
City high wyclef jean
Excuse me if you se me screaming
But deep in my mind i’m only dreaming
Because if you wake girl in your arms
Next by my side i feel like it’s no longer a lie
So please shortly before you walk out that door maybe
Would you listen to my song?
If only i give you one last chance
With the devil you can no longer turn
You got to be faithful so we could be fruitism
Build a family and buy all thing that’s be
So just before i run to the fly puppy
I might listen to your song
Before you walk out that door, listen!
They say two wrongs don’t make it right
So if i’m wrong i aint trying to find
I try to have some dinners with some candlelight
Laugh in the bed make love all night
So puppy i won’t leave maybe i’ll just stay
If you promise me that you do the same
So i would love you like i never loved you
Touch me like you’ve never touched me
So if you give me the chance girl i will show you
Stay, i forgive you
I aint (oh baby baby…)
But i have grown from a dog to a man
Built my castle with brick sand no longer with sand
So just before i run and fly baby
I might listen to your song
Before you walk out that door, listen!
I can see the sunshine no more
Your trust feels like a cure
If only you gave me the keys to your soul
And let me in, i’m gone love you
Over and over and over again, yeah yeah yeah
I’m not gone stay in the block no more
I’m coming home early, i promise


Wyclef Jean
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