Meliah Rage

Letra de la canción

Wake up Mr. fantasy
Get up from your manic dream
Stand up face reality
Fuc*** up from your nightmare screams

A lost hope, lost cause
Just fade away
Dissolve from all society
You're scared and lost
Entranced all alone
Paranoid sick away from home

It's guys like this
That lose their minds
Freak-out snap kill mankind
Depressed loser lost in space
Living as a mutant race
Reality out far away
Lost from his every day
Suicide not of his mind
Not smart enough to take his life
Shockified, dreadified, dementified, horrified
Pleading, squealing, crying, dying
Immobilized, intimidized, tremblized, terrorized

Letra añadida por: blackheaven (#5.403)

Meliah Rage
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