A Kiss For Jersey

Letra de la canción

When you stood there
As the glaze grown over your eyes
Still waiting and nervously gazing out
Through the pines

I'm sure you got a little tired of standing
Like a man with a stick (pike) in his hands
In the mountains

Rest your tired feet
And take in life with me

So justice is far from us
And righteousness

We look for the light
But all is dark
We walk deep into the shadows

Like the blind, we grope
Feeling our way,
Like men without eyes

Stumbling towards the light
Among the strong
Stumbling towards the light
We're like the dead, we're like the dead

We moan mournfully like doves
(We're like the dead, we're like the dead)
Looking for justice, but finding none
(We're like the dead, we're like the dead)

Deliverance is not far away from us

The evidence is clear to me
You gave yourself so willingly
Where are you now?

If you want to take what He's given,
But you can't go to sleep.
He'll throw you back into the river
Clean and washed of all your deeds

We're all so blind now,
We want it all

Lift up your eyes to the sky

Letra añadida por: ckaamiilaaa

A Kiss For Jersey
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