Cab Calloway

Letra de la canción

Listen good folks:
It isn't alcohol,
No yaller gal at all,
Thrill me, thrill me with the pep I've got!

I got a pair of feet that have found that lowdown beat,
Lowdown, down around, the spot that's hot,
Have no peace with losing' my lease on livin',
Here's the how, I'm tellin' you now, to givin':

Make 'em play that crazy thing again,
I've got to do that lazy swing again,
Hi-ho, doin' the new lowdown!

Got my feet to misbehaving now,
Got a soul that's not for saving now,
Hi-ho, doin' the new lowdown!

That dancin' demon, he has my feet in a trance,
'Cause when I'm dreamin', folks, I go right into that dance!

Once you hear that haunting strain to it,
I'll bet my life you'll go insane to it,
Hi-ho, doin' the new lowdown!

Hi-ho, doin' the new lowdown!

Letra añadida por: Hector (Hip Hop) (#460)

Cab Calloway
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