Por Ti de Oscar Chávez

Por Ti en inglés

Oscar Chávez


Por Ti (en inglés)

By you,
I let think about the sea
by you,
I I let pay attention to the sky
by you
, has given me to cry like the sea,
I have put myself to sob as the sky has given me to cry.
By you,
the tenderness refuses with migo,
by you,
the bitterness follows to me and I follow it,
by you,
I am becoming crazy from jealousy, they become against my
my yearnings, become against my
By you,
the life me has become a hell
by you,
I am dead of so ill love by you, have become injures the sun
and the pain the flower has become bad and the love has become
bad the flower
By you
the sea is the madness of the sky
by you,
the weeping is a sore of jealousy
by you,
the pain is the sun without the flower hell is so eternal love
hell is love

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