Marcela Gandara

Dame tus ojos
en inglés

Marcela Gandara


Dame tus ojos Letra

Give me your eyes, I see.
Give me your words, I want to talk.
Give me your opinion.

Give me your feet, I want to go.
Give me your desire to feel.
Give me your opinion.

Give me what I need.
To be like you.

Give me your voice, give me your breath.
Take my time, is for you.
Give me the path I must follow.
Give me your dreams, your desires.
Your thoughts, your feelings.
Give your life to live.

Let me see what you modified.
Give me your grace, your power.
Give me your heart.
Let me see inside you.
To be changed by your love.
Give me your heart.

Datos de esta canción

DAME TUS OJOS es una canción de Marcela Gandara. Agradecemos a enclave por haber sudido la letra de Dame tus ojos (en inglés).