Was (Not Was)

Letra de la canción

At the loveless motel and restaurant out on Highway 33
The matchbook says call for reservations
Country ham and biscuits, delicious steaks

I met a woman there one night
No moon, just, just diesel trucks
She kissed me like she was hungry so we got a room

In the morning she looked like a horse
Smoking little cigars
Playing these tapes of her husband
She says \"Doesn't he sound like Elvis?\"
She makes champagne out of 7-Up and cheap wine
Like a chemist

Next to one of those insect electric chairs
Her skin gleaming blue every time a fly died
I read in the funnies, I laughed anyway
\"Something's burning somewhere\" I said
\"Yeah, it's us\" she says

\"You both want coffee?\" the waitress says
Yes, two, two coffees
That's perfect on this cold, dim, fluorescent morning
And a couple of those donuts over there, right Doris?
Right Doris?
Earth to Doris, earth to Doris
Come in Doris, earth to Doris

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Was (Not Was)
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