No Remorse

Letra de la canción

The media paints a picture
So that they can claim
Mandela is a peace maker
Ignore his violent aims
Ignore the bombs and gunfire
Directed at the Whites
He wants to seize White South Africa
And take away its rights

White Storm, White Storm brewing
White Storm brewing today
White Storm, White Storm brewing
They'll never take our Land away

The Government all traitors
Pave Mandela's way
They think they buy their safety
But he'd kill them just the same
Mandela may have weapons
And the West upon his side
But the White Storm is now brewing
A rage that cannot hide

We will never accept an ANC
Government over my people
Then we will start the War
That day, that night

White resistance marches forward
In unity and strength
To defend the Land and people
At any price or any length
Mandela thinks he's lucky
But he'd better pray some more
There'll be no place left for Commie scum
When the White man wins this War

Letra añadida por: P4ND3M0N1UM

No Remorse
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