D'espairs Ray

Letra de la canción

I am beautiful creature
Elecanged by the moon...My silouette
Hedonism paint the land and our bloody eyes... Unbeautiful creature
All my senses overflow... I'm about to drown
Surviving on the pure blood of anrchist
Immoratily only brings loneliness
But life goes on no matter the cost
Neo rebirth... We will meet again... This time, fallen days...
I will find your blood into mine, my precious
Unbeautiful creature... Dancing with the divine
Our blood shall come together at this mystic baptism
Pump up the beating of the heart, hiding within the shadows
Naked desires, my instinct only knows to need you
Neo rebirth... My love, with my venomous fangs
I'll take you with me into sacrilege, the forbidden
I'll take you with me into sacrilege, the forbidden
I always can't but feel the hunger for blood
My love, with my venomous fangs
We'll be on in ecstacy
Brand new gate
Give your valentine's name
And queen bloody marry done....

Letra añadida por: Chieko_x

D'espairs Ray
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