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Letra de la canción

I'm gonna' start right now
U don't get it? oh f*** ya!
Thanks for that once more
But I don't need it! (x2)
I don't even want it! (x2)

That's another that's another damn day!
Everybody's like whatever they say!
What u gonna do with all your time?
It's useless for u oh plz give m some!

How about u got out wid' me?
Party all week longs start from right now!
U gotta fight 4 ur rights babe
Don't let them tell u what's ur shit!

Feel it, shout it!
Don't stop!
Live your life, live your life
The way u want it oh
(I c the way, I see the way
oh we get the fuckin' way!)

No sleep! No courtesty!
No prep no damn beat!
Everbody's drinkin', loosin' control!
Freakin's out on the floor!
Movin', fellin' it!
Screamin', euphoria
And can u hear that sound oh?
Why don't u hear it?
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: jevita

Blog 27
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