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Better Learn Letra

Beenie Man


Better Learn (Letra/Lyrics)

Bwoy to the amount a fire weh a bun
Storm build up all inna di sea
Yuh nuh see weh a gwaan a bere rain nearly
Wash we out but a good t'ing wi God bless eenuh
Because yuh hear weh a gwaan nuh

[Chorus: x2]
Yuh si di fire burn a words without works
Fire Burn up di obeah man shirt
Fire burn oonu better learn
A nuh everything out di yuh fi burn

Imagine, yuh dress up inna di latest wear
Put on yuh Versace 'cause a tight pants deh wear
Yuh come out yuh hear a rasta man seh bun down a queer
Yuh feel like yuh waan disappear
Imagine big dance a keep down inna di square
Woman inna Moschino and di tallest hair
She come out she hear a rasta man seh Jah Jah bun a false hair
She ask har self if she hard ears
Imagine yuh come from Sav-la-mar
See a rasta man tired yuh know seh him a walk from far
Yuh offer him a drive an him seh cool yah star
Yuh nuh si seh rasta bun up all car


Youth yuh want get a rasta man vex
Inna him turban and him robe and him don't got no cess
Him come out him hear bald head seh bun dung a dress
Den yuh woulda know who Jah bless
Just inna weh day a rasta crash up pon a hill
Him go a hospital and doctor take care a him
Dem give him a prescription and him go deh fi a fill
The pharmacist sey, \"Sir, bun dung a pill\"
Just inna weh day inna Pablo's mi walk
Di rata dem buy dung to curtain cloth
Him come out, some little youth naah tek no talk
Seh bun dung a tie head and laugh


'nough a den bun up but dem soon ketch a fire
'nough a bun foreign dem a frequent flyer
'nough a dem a fight and die fi a dollar
'nough a dem a bun waste fire
Well, from yuh bun di dragon den yuh mussn' go a Japan
And if yuh bun di eagle den nuh go Uncle Sam
Weh yuh a do wid di Queen money inna yuh hand
Try leggo dat, rasta man


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BETTER LEARN es una canción de Beenie Man que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Doctor.