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[chorus x2]
how do I survive each day
livin ghetto life
twist me up a fat ass J
and livin indo high

[C Knight]
can I keep my freedom
at least give me that
for any other come I had to use a fuc*** strap
to get what I want in the ghetto
and please, gutter for the drive-by
sucka motherfuc*** fly by
but why try, to test this three five seven
I know you wouldn't have catch me and my homies chillin in front
of the shack
see, but I'z be the motherfuc*** mack
tryna check a stack
I gots a gap to watch my back
and since I'm crazy
that just mean no niggaz won't be fade me
commin from a wicked city
Long Beach, where everything gets shitty (you know it)
and ain't that a pity
if you down on your luck
nobody's gon give a f***
that's why I'mma always bring my ghetto life, my ghetto thing,
my ghetto swing
if it's lit take a hit and it's on

[chorus x2]
how do I survive each day
livin ghetto life
twist me up a fat ass J
and livin indo high

[Bo Roc]
life in the ghetto
far from little China
it's a place where the police is always down to find ya
cuz everybody in the momma snitches
brothers and niggaz, and sisters that's called bitches
damn! the same people that holler out "peace, brotha"
will try to catch with the draws so they can f*** ya
black folks in the ghetto straight fuc*** up
and the whites on the outside bustin up
time to bust a cap in the chevrelo
whether you'z a nigga, a nigga, a negro
if you're not a sollution you'z a problem
nine double one ain't be the only way to solve 'em
cuz it's oughter to cheese them crackers
first you pimps gotta work with the jackers
and both of y'all must work with the gangs and dope-dealers
cuz they'z the main motherfuc*** killers
untill then the ounces from the white devil
and what's left for the blacks
life in the ghetto (in the ghetto)
if it's lit take a hit and it's on

[2 Scoops]
now all through high school I relied on drug-smugglin
cuz I was broke, a nigga was straight strugglin
not knowin where my next dollars comin from
but I got a gun there's the double up I'mma jack one
how I'mma let the fool be up when I'm on the bottom
anytime you broke a lot of friends you ain't got 'em
to be a young man you got to be ready
cuz in my house there was no fuc*** daddy
in the home, I roam with the homies from the block
experiencing, puberty, clockin do' and passin glocks
I remember at the party the ho's didn't like me
cuz when the party was over I rolled out on my Nike's
when times get rough and tough
I'm gon grab that bud and take a superpuff
indo high, I replied on the bud for the pain
and stayin leveled to the ground and true to the game
you can't jump on my escalator if you ain't need it
I'd rather pull a lick and stay weeded
?? into the alley
smooth but fast now I'm headed to the shack
to count yo cash
if it's lit take a hit and it's on

[C] and it's on
[B] and it's on
[2] and it's on
[C] and it's on
[B] and it's on
[2] and it's on
[all] and it's on!

[chorus x4]
how do I survive each day
livin ghetto life
twist me up a fat ass J
and livin indo high

Dougie D



Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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