Poyo Segovia

Letra de la canción

From the moment you saw that the time is not on my watch
are all in for a second and look completely well ..
without saying anything without moving
I ran out of breath and is that the shape of your body to me puts
me to imagine
in those days and those nights and I can not just be
your eyes with mine is hopefully going to crus
it all depends on how I want to conquer
that's why I feel ay magic in you, just in you ...

suddenly, totally, I feel your eyes forward my
and I do not think I will simply ti
I feel strong,
totally, my heart is about to explode
and kiss me if I think I'm going to kill next to you ...

I say "hello" say "goodbye" nerves are going to kill me
I look at your eyes
I imagine "this can not happen to me
I am at the side of your body and I think I'm gonna explode
I just want you for my ..
for me ...

I would like to be the owner of all of your dreams
who will open and tell you today as you want
I would always be in all your plans
have you with me and nothing separates us
I wish that you were never far away
to have you die of old
that the days pass and never ending
this than I am burning inside my chest ...

Letra añadida por: camilofob

Poyo Segovia
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