Dark At Dawn

Letra de la canción

Smoke, burning fields, I was caught in a crossfires’ line
And I faught with the fear to be left behind
In this waste of kingdom that fell in flames
Kept awake by the screams of the falling friends who died by my side

Tears to fall down at the ink of the only son
With the fear, no more letters are yet to come
As you stare at a line that might turn to blood
When he falls
And you know that the last line he draws is a fireline

We know how to take a life, but we don’t know how to sleep at night
Tossing and turning, weeping and yearning
Oh, we are the ones with the fiery eyes

Years that you spent, so much love and caressing hand
Many nights you were sitting there by his side
There’s no right, someone dares to take your sense of life
And a king mustn’t sleep in a silky pillow while your son dies


Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

Dark At Dawn
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