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The Song of Life (Letra/Lyrics)

I've been fire, fed by the four winds
I've been water in the stream
And a drop of dew on the culm
I've been clay in the hands of a potter
I've been rosin of a tree
And a leaf, by the breeze carried away

I've been a child of seven spirits
I've been an eagle in the skies
And the swashing fish in the lough fulgent
I've been a tear in the wind
And a word within paean

I've been a flower on the green pasture
I've been the song of a bird
And the vast roar of a bear
I am a lump of this vivid soil
I'm the brother of the trees
a chthonian lot of this earth

Breathe this dream, and let your soul inhale it!
Bare and naked, let us dance on the meadows

Revel within this nature which we're all a part of. Free this
wolf forever!
Free this child! Indui uelui cantla canamos.

Datos de The Song of Life

THE SONG OF LIFE es una canción de Eluveitie del año 2008, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Slania. Agradecemos a Dj- Feliiiiioooo por haber sudido la letra de The Song of Life.