Sing and Dance With Frank Sinatra - All Of Me

All Of Me Letra

Frank Sinatra


All Of Me (Letra/Lyrics)

All of me - why not take (come on get) all of me
Can't you see - I'm no good (just a mess)
without you

Take my lips - I want to lose them Take (Get a
piece of) my (these) arms - I'll never use them

Your good-bye - left me with eyes that cry How can
I - get along (ever make it) without you

(You know) You took (got) the part - that once was
(used to be) my heart So why not - why not take
all of me

Datos de esta canción

ALL OF ME es una canción de Frank Sinatra, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Sing and Dance With Frank Sinatra. Agradecemos a shemkasai por haber sudido la letra de All Of Me.