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It would be great
Knowing and not think
It would be again
Know to never talk
Being a ghost wandering around
Go levitating alien to everything and not feel

But I can not
Is stronger than me
I see everything
Rabies rising pressure
I turned
and I ...

No longer are far
And now you are giving
On your face
You are going to hang
Damn excuse to be who paints sos
And someone actually draws just for you

It's nothing new
Saying "I stop here"
With less
For those looking for blow
And where are you now?

It is very difficult to let go without grasping
And that does not make you special
What will you give if you are not going to lift
Will break or shut up

Today I realize
Luck is not here
And we elusive
Already seems to you
Who drowns us and leaves us no breathing?
Who is the handsome? To be arrime to confess

I am sure
It lacks courage
Behind the wall
Since almost no heat is
I turned
and I ...

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